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FORE WK2 Trackhawk Fuel Rails


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Fore Innovations billet fuel rails for the Cherokee Trackhawk. Machined from a solid block of 6061 aluminum. Integrated mounting tabs eliminate rail tab flex under the highest intake and fuel pressures.

  • Does not come preassembled
  • Use with OE length injectors and/or Injector Dynamics “48mm” length configuration (Whipple 4.5L and Kenne Bell 4.7L must use Injector Dynamics “34mm” length injectors)
  • Must be used without engine covers.
  • Choose optional OE feed adapter and crossover kit for complete installation. (WARNING: fuel pressure sensor must be utilized for function of OE fuel pump system)

Optional crossover and OE line adapter kit includes:

  • Fittings to interface to incoming OE feed line without binding
  • Odorless hose assemblies using low-permeable FlexLP fuel line
  • New rail fuel pressure sensor installed in lossless -8 feed line in OE location

Note: Fittings for Ethanol Content Sensor is a selectable option. When selected, your rails will come preconfigured so you can install an ethanol content sensor. This option does not include an ethanol content sensor, only the fittings to hook up your own.


  • Hellcat and Demon engines with OE blower, Whipple 4.5L, or Kenne Bell 4.7L
  • ALL fitments require coil pack covers and/or engine covers to be removed.
  • Fuel pressure sensor MUST be retained to work with OE fuel pump system


  • Ports: ORB-8 female
  • Bore size: 16mm
  • Material: 6061 aluminum, anodized black


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