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JMS FuelMAX Fuel Pump Booster for Redeye / Trackhawk / Demon / Super Stock / Durango Hellcat (2 Pumps)


JMS plug and play fuel pump booster for Redeye / Trackhawk / Demon / Superstock / Durango Hellcat platform with two pumps and FPDMs.

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This is the JMS plug and play fuel pump booster for the hellcat platform with two pumps and FPDMs.  This includes hellcats which were upgraded to dual pump fuel systems. The kit comes with a plug-and-play harness, booster and instructions. This booster is superior to all of the comparable units on the market because it allows for true plug-and-play operation, a multitude of different triggering options and ramp in and out settings on the booster.  This creates more of a seamless transition when the booster is activated as opposed to the immediate on/off effect of competitors units.

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Demon / Redeye / Trackhawk, TRX


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