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Metco Supercharger Pulley Ring Only


A Metco supercharger pulley  installed on your Hellcat makes a boost level change as simple as changing the outer drive ring on the supercharger pulley.

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Supercharger Pulley Ring & Cover Kit

2015 & Newer Dodge Hellcat Challenger & Charger, Trackhawk, Demon, & Redeye

(Ring Only)

Once our supercharger pulley is installed on your Hellcat, a boost level change is as simple as changing the outer drive ring on the supercharger pulley.  Listed below are all of the different supercharger pulley rings we offer that will fit our supercharger pulley hub.  Each pulley ring ships with the appropriate front pulley cover.

Please note that these pulley rings are intended for use with our supercharger pulley hub. If you do not already have our supercharger pulley on your car, these pulley rings cannot be used.  Also note that we do not recommend the use of off-brand pulley hubs with our pulley rings, and cannot offer any support or warranty in such instances.

Important:  With the exception of the stock-diameter pulley ring, all pulley ring changes will require the appropriate PCM revisions, as well as the appropriate length supercharger belt.  Quoted boost gains are approximate, and will be higher than quoted in Demon and Redeye applications as a result of the larger supercharger used in these vehicles.

Part Numbers: HCP3.20RC, HCP3.10RC, HCP2.95RC, HCP2.85RC, HCP2.75RC, HCP2.65RC, HCP2.50RC, HCP2.40RC, HCP3.35RC

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